Rating System

Rating System

I'm using two rating systems: one is for my level of comfort while reading this book and one is to show how much I enjoyed the book. I've encountered some books that, while I loved the character building, the writing style, the development of the characters, enough to give it 5 cups, I wasn't comfortable reading it. It may be a book with dubious consent, it may be a horror book. I feel the need to use both rating systems, because it shows better how I felt for the book.  The comfort rating system will be a little different, meaning that 1 Jolly Roger means I was very comfortable reading the book, it was either something I was familiar with or something new but that didn't bother me at all and 5 Jolly Rogers means I was extremely uncomfortable, which doesn't necessarily mean I didn't finish the book. It just means I was way out of my league. If you want to know how much I enjoyed a book, look at how many cups I give the book.

How much did I like the book:

Rocked my world photo Image9.png

5 cups: Rocked my world
4.5 cups: Almost Perfect
4 cups: I loved it
3.5 cups: Better Than I expected
3 cups: It was ok
2.5 cups: Had some issues
2 cups: Meh...
1.5 cups: I barely finished
1 cup: I'm surprised I finished it

How comfortable I was reading it:

Help! I'll Have nightmares tonight! photo Image21.png

5 Jolly Rogers: Help! I'll Have nightmares tonight!
4 Jolly Rogers: I'm hiding under the covers
3 Jolly Rogers: Somewhat uncomfortable
2 Jolly Rogers: Not what I expected
1 Jolly Roger: Familiar waters

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